Amazing Adventure Race and Mission Impossible Team Scavenger Challenges

Team Size:

10 - 1000

Space Requirements:



2hrs - 4

Physical Challenge:



Looking for an intensely collaborative, fast-paced, dynamic, and competitive team building experience? Have your Mission Impossible teambuilding events that take teams on wildly fun adventure while experiencing the wonders of your chosen Mission of Play area.

Good Afternoon Team! Your Mission should you decide to accept it is to Crack the Codes of up to nine sub-missions, determine the location of the coded mission challenge, travel to the mission field of play area and solve each of the mission challenges at the mission location. The overall objective is to maximize revenues. There are too many Missions to complete in the time period – it up to your team to determine which Missions are attempted and to utilize resources effectively to maximize revenues associated with each Mission. As always, should any of you or your team mates be caught or discovered, mission headquarters will disavow any knowledge of your actions.

Missions can be completed in any order. It is up to your team to determine the most efficient use of resources and to plot a course that will maximize the number of missions completed successfully. Missions require teams to think strategically before jumping into action! Teams that manage the intense focus with the ability to scan the periphery for resources are the teams that will excel at Mission Impossible.

Program Overview


The program will begin at a central location in the selected 'Field of Play Area' with teams gathered for the 'Team Foundation' and 'Team Briefing'. Teams will learn the rules of engagement for the overall event. Teams can create their own strategy from the start – all Mission Challenges are presented so it is up to the team to prioritize; create an effective strategy to plot a course of travel; determine how to tap into each team members strengths and skills; and multi-task efficiently to complete as many Missions as possible in the designated time period. There are too many Missions to complete – so teams must choose wisely!


Once the briefing has been completed, teams will have a designated period of time to complete the overall event and arrive to the designated finish area. Supplied with a team backpack, teams will head out on foot traveling throughout the area. Teams will be required to strategize effectively by plotting a course that will earn them maximum performance revenues by solving the combination of activities: Mission Challenges and Photo Challenges.


Teams will arrive back to the selected finish location for a short team debrief and team results! It's not the fastest team that wins – it is the smartest team!

Post Program

Each team will have a camera throughout the event with required photos being taken. We will provide you a compilation of team photos in a high energy photo slideshow post program.